Bio: Hey guys my name is Ryan Campbell. I spent most of my 20's as an non-traditional student striving to earn my college degree. Thank God I finally did, 3 of them to be exact. My main focus is in Visual Media and I currently work for a local business doing Web Graphics Design. I'm also their Social Media Coordinator. I've also spent a good part of my life studying animation. Animation is my passion. I love it! From Disney to Warner Bros to Dreamworks and Pixar, I love classic hand drawn animation as well as CG. I'll pretty much take it all! My original plan was to become an animator, but that fell through. So now animation is just a hobbie. I'm interested in many things and hopefully those things will filter out through my blog posts. I have varying opinions on different topics and many people won't agree with me. I just hope that you all can read my blog posts with an open mind and enjoy them for what they are!

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